Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Here and Gone.

I'm back in Singapore and trust me when I say it's too hot for comfort. Even so, I do prefer it to English weather any day. At least it's predictable... hot or hot.

Anyways, sorry for the lack of updates. Suffering from serious jetlag and sleeping is undeniably the only thing on my mind. I'm held against my will by the sleep bug and it ain't pretty.

So today I managed to spend a few hours up to get my hair done. Plus go down to Kinokuniya@Takashimaya to browse the magazines. As I made my way there, I passed by the cutest range of golf bags I have ever laid my eyes on. They make me wanna take golf up again! *Drools.*

The Japanese graphics are oh so pretty, speaking of which... I'm leaving for Fukuoka, Japan tonight. Was a totally last minute decision on my parents' part and as much as I would honestly, want to spend the next 2 weeks sleeping before graduation, I have to have quality time with the family, or else...

It's like "Why are you complaining when it's Japan?"

I don't know... maybe cause I'm really tired. Have not been to Fukuoka yet, but thankfully it's not like Tokyo. I don't think my mind/body is ready for chaos again just yet.


Enough blabber, my vintage dress arrived right before I left for London. Thank Gawd I was still there because the ebay seller made a mistake of sending it to my London address instead of the Singapore one.

It's so pretty no??! Plus I bought a pair of T-bar heels from Aldo. They did give me blisters on the sides, but I'm insistent that that's just cause they're new!

Anyways I'll be blogging from Japan, so expect loads of pictures!! =D


Anonymous said...

You really are here and gone! I don't know where in the world Fukuoka is but anywhere but here :} Good trip aiight!

Sarah said...

Hey, imma meet up with you when I come back, before I leave for London again. I'm on a tight tight schedule.

That way you can try on the dress!

hehe. I'm enjoying myself totally. Shopping in Japan is too good. >_<

leejungil said...


My name is Jung-il, Lee and I'm Korean.

I search Ironman images in Google and found your site(Hope you remember your picture with small Ironman statue in restaurant).

I had just visited Singapore 2 weeks ago for business, the schedule was so tight I can't have enough sighseeing but have good immpression.

So good to say hello to Singaporean.

You are very beautiful.

I have facebook, please be comfortable to visit my site.

Thank you.