Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The Royal Pain in my Ass

My mood has been severely dampened. I'm so pissed off that my nose bridge hurts very much due to the rush of blood to my head. My PMS-Queen-of-a-boss has just indirectly accused me of stealing. The necklace that I showed you all in my previous post was the subject of scrutiny. She thought I had taken some pearls from her to make my necklace because she thought she had more pearls than what I had used to make the silver necklace.

Look, bitch... You think I'd be dumb enough to steal something, then afterwhich wear it for you to see, then you are either seriously daft and deranged, growing senile due to rapid aging or all of the above. I can't believe this crap. Even if I were a thief, I think I'd be smart enough to hide my stash. Gawd... I'm miffed.

Too bad I need the money or I'd be leaving her in her stinking lurch. The lurch being the fact that after Ana, no other employee has stayed to be her willing slave.

*Ptttfff* Down with the witch.

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