Wednesday, 30 April 2008

"Environment friendly IT" bag

After years of insisting I can't use the sewing machine for crap even if my life depended on it, I had no choice but to face my fear because my college life did depend on it. I found out that the more simple the sewing machine, the better I can sew. Old school sewing machines give me less of a headache than those modern ones with all those buttons, switches and whatever stupid knobs.

Anyways, the bag u see.... I sewed it from scratch... Amazing job I must say for someone in denial.

This bag is just a preview of what I will be selling on my website which will not be up yet till End May. I will definitely provide better pictures of it once the photoshoot is over.

It's 12GBP which is 30SGD. Some of u might think, boy that's rather expensive... but I made it from scratch. Pricked my finger a few times while my thumbs are suffering from some sort of muscle spasm (keeps twitching... like I overused my thumb or somerthing??? >__< I don't know, it's seriously weirding me out too.) Anyways, if you want cheap mass produced stuff.. Go to China.... -__-" I'm only gonna be selling 10 of these...

Made from good quality cotton, 36x38cm. And the deer you see... yeah.. I drew that too... Who knew I could still draw...=D

To make it more appealing, better photos will be up. But if you already like what you see, please contact me at

p.s my fawn and fauna logo is suppose to be near the dears feet on the right... but.. I forgot about it. =D Will put again.

Alrighties, everyone have a nice Thursday!

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