Thursday, 10 April 2008

Oi, mai anikuan can?!

What's this random picture of something about nothing?!

*Ah-hem*I will now announce to the "world" that I have officially turned auntie. Now I knw I have had some minor prior symptoms which have bewildered the most cynical Sarah fans (Ah-haha... yesh, roll your eyes.. I know you love me.)
But today was just the icing on the cake.

There I was going from one bead shop to another bead shop, talking like an auntie with aunties about Gawd knows what. I was switching from Chinese to English and the n Hokkien to Cantonese which I have no recollection of ever having learnt those words. *Shocks & Horrors*

Not only that, visually for the first time in ... what could be years, I was wearing a baggy tee-shirt, with denim shorts and flipflops. Topped off with a hairband that tightly held my fringe back, no make up whatsoever, or rather still the remains of the makeup from clubbing the night before... and ........ here's the worst... CARRYING...... a large black bag (which rocks lah) and 2 big red plastic bags (the kind the aunties get at wet markets.... ) Noooooo.................. I was soo mahlufied!!!! Soooo... tat glam! (embarrassed for all you non-Singaporeans) But what the hell, if you look like one already..... what's another must-need-auntie-accessory! Oh what a day.... I shall choose NOT to remember!

See that lady pointing at the vege. That's me.... in like 10 years. Hopefully best, 20 years from now. Worse comes to worst.... 5 years. Ahhhh but who cares, at least I'll be hotter than that. =D I thinkzzz....lor.

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