Friday, 12 December 2008

And she's off.

So I'm going to be really busy this weekend. Charlotte and I are going for Zouk Out and won't you believe it's our first time in 22 years. Kinda odd when we used to go clubbing thhhhaaaaaattt much. We're probably staying the whole night, only because transportation is going to be a killa biatch for us. Anyways Sunday late morning, will finally get to be Ezra and we have something special planned... =D I'm uber excited!

Anyways here's some pretty photos from my trip to Barcelona almost 2 years back, in the magnificent Gaudi designed apartments.




Paper packaging I did for final year that I would love to make into actual acrylic boxes. How cool would that be right?! =D (And yup, I actually made the whole thing by hand, cutting was a major pain.)

Have a great weekend loves!


Anonymous said...

ok you said i had the patience to do stenciling, now i'm passing back the trophy to you. that papercut is magnificently executed, you're crazy Sarah!

Sarah said...

haha... I did those while playing computer games too. Don't ask me how... Think I should get an award for mutli-tasker of the year! Hehe.

juznie said...

Those papercuts are so intricate and precise looking! I can't believe you did them by hand...

Do you like Rob Ryan papercuts?

clareassiral said...

im speechles, it's awesome! That papercut looks so professionally done.

Sarah said...

Juznie: Wow... I love his work. Thanks for the link!! =D

Larissa: thanks babe! Trust me, it's not so great up close. hehe

Love Glasses said...

Wow... I love his work