Tuesday, 9 December 2008

New York, New York

Tee: Holland Village, Skirt: H&M, Belt: frm Malaysia, Shoes: Wheelock Place

Actually, that's not true. I've been to New York, twice. Just got this tee because it took the mick out of people who wear the I heart NY tee, but haven't been there yet. I do like New York but at the same time, the last two times I went there, I felt very exhausted at the end of each day just doing nothing. The hustle and bustle of the city is maybe not very much for me... =(

Anyways, I'll be blogging less for the next few weeks. I'll be busy prepping for my new room, new website and new blog. Expect new fun stuff when everything is done. Hopefully. =)

Lots of Love to everyone!

Little Update:
Here's the first month of the 2009 calender I'm making.
Feel free to download it and stick it on your wall!
Click on it for a much larger view. =D


Anonymous said...

Guess what! I bought that tee on threadless years ago and wore it once every week i believe. So when i booked tickets to nyc this year, i toss the tee! Ahh, this tee holds some memories for me.

P.S. looking forward to your whole new she-bang!!

Sarah said...

hahaha... My whole new she-bang will be dedicated to you for helping me solve my BIG DILEMMA!! =D

Thank Chuuu Melly!

lovekillosophy said...

i miss you miss. khaw, haven't heard from you in ages =(
anyway i can't wait for your new EVERYTHING - meet soon k?

Nicole Then said...

wow, I just stumbled on today and I'm loving your blog. will hop by more often ;)

Bella said...

You look adorable beyond words... loving the t-shirt!
Good luck with everything xxxx

Love Glasses said...

You look super adorable