Sunday, 21 December 2008

Jobless Annonymous No More

I'm finally working! Like a proper graphic design job at a design firm! After one day, I really do like it. How many people can actually say that they like their jobs? So this has left me only my weekends to squander time away... Mahjong with Aisyah, Charlotte and my dear Sonia who has returned for a visit from London, Going Ikea, partying with the girls, having a sleepover at the boyfriend's, visit to Kinokuniya downtown. Time seems to past so fast when you're having a damn good time. Finally, that hole in my life has been covered up with much joy. I'm on top of the world! =D

So as expected, I will be ignoring my blog for a little while till everything in my life starts to get a little less hectic. I told you something good will be up soon right? =D So the holidays are approaching, hope everyone has good fun now yer hear?! =)

Cheers from me to you!

Soon, Imma wear this to work! =)

Yippie yip yip.


clareassiral said...

congrats on the new joB! if only one need not work to live. sigh

Sarah said...

Is it odd I'm having fun doing annual reports? lol.

Anonymous said...

tell me all about it!!

Lydia said...

yay on the job! But now I'm reminded of how much I ned to go get one...uggggh. Lovely blog!
<3 (encyclo)lydia