Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The Night Before

I'm leaving for Singapore in about 12 hours.
Somehow I'm nervous and excited. yet at the same time,
not very keen on going home. Maybe it's cause I'm sick?
Gastric pains and headaches have been wrecking havoc in my body system.
I am not one happy flyer.

But also how busy and non-comforting this whole trip is gonna be.
I don't have time, being halfway thru my holidays, which has not seemed
the slightest bit, like a holiday, I'm sooo exhausted mentally to a point...
physically my body is not co-operating with me. So many thing s to do in the coming weeks,
it's like "how am I ever gonna finish all this shit!" I do anticipate large amounts of stress
buzzing my way.... Ahh.. the woes.

I'm going Tokyo, but it's not something that's gonna be relaxing...
I have to run around hunting for materials as well as constantly seeking inspiration.
Then rush home to start on my collection and website design.

The good thing of the whole matter is...
I will get to spend time with people who truly matter in my life.
Not much time, but enough time to leave Singapore with fond memories to last me
another say.... 4 months.

Seeya all real soon!

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