Saturday, 1 March 2008

Eat Me!

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This is like one of the most f*cking cutest cards I have ever seen. Makes you go WHAT THE F*CK.......??!!! I likey mucho. Can someone send it to me... please?? *woof*


Lately have been getting into trouble at work and obviously whining alot about it.
But something just hit me.I think I should just shut up, take in all the criticism whether right or wrong, and learn from my mistake. I am really finally starting to enjoy whatever time I have left in London and NOT going home seems like a better option cause then I wouldn't have to re-adjust to lifestyles again. Always seems like I have something to do... Obviously cause I've got World of Warcraft. Teehee.

Love to the worlllddd... Cause I'm on top of it!

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