Saturday, 29 March 2008

"Good" Boooks


If such problems could be solved by a book, then everyone should be living happily ever after! I think it's the design of the cover that cracks me up the most. XD .... hahahahahahahahahaha

What does John Van Epp know about love? Does he consider himself to be a jerk/non-jerk? Does he live in a beautiful home with a beautiful wife and 3 beautiful kids? Or is a hobo who lives in a trailer with a Gawd-made-a-big-booboo-on-this-one-wife and their dog with an eye patch?

I just think it's funny how people who write such books are able to some up problems in relationships and tips on how to solve them, in those 400 pages....

Sooo... if you ever see me reading a book like that... shoot me. Thanks!

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