Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The closet, the Egg & the Chocolate

Browsing thru I find myself in awe... well not really but I thought these random pics were fairly interesing. Firstly a box of chocolates retailed a US$650. Yeah, I thought the chocolates were probably made of 9kt gold too! -__-"

The bird feeder. Honestly..... I think I prefer the traditional ones. This just looks like the Easter Bunny took a dump in the year 2100. (this comes from my assuption that chocolate Easter eggs come out of the ass of the chocolate Easter bunny.)

And lastly, Stella McCartney underwear. I'm no a fan of her underwear or any other underwear that emphasizes their brand on my ass. Accept Calvin Klein, 'em knickers are hawt on men and women!

What I do love is the packaging. Looks a bit like the packaging i did for my competition brief.

Ahhh lovess... =D

Okay gonna board he plane in awhile.
Lotsa loovess!

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