Thursday, 13 March 2008

Home Hot Home

Good reasons why I need to go home
1. As you can see I have amassed quite a lot of shoes
(This being only 1/3 of what I have here... the rest are downstairs)
2. The amount of clothes I have collected over the past 3 years (Well... not showing pictures cause ... it's a huge amount and it's not like I'm really organized =D)
3. Aisyah's 22nd birthday which I am expecting to be RAD (I've even picked out a dress for the occasion although I am NOT the birthday girl)
4. I want to eat prawn noodles... (Good enough reason for anyone i suppose
5. Need to catch up on watching movies!!!
6. I am going T.O.K.Y.O!!! Firstly with my mum, then she'd hopefully dump me at my friend's place and I'm gonna meet up with some friends and PARTY!
7. Wanna finally get to go out and meetup with everyone that I have sooooo dearly missed!!! (that includes my parents believe it or not!! And obviously Miss Charlotte Chew)
8. Print out all the stuff that I need for my graduation show (or whatever I can actually accomplish)
9. Absorb some sunlight (Gawd knows... I haven't seen it in ages and I'm turning into a vampire... slowly... but surely)
Auntie Sarah is coming to town!!
"I heart Tea" bag arrived in the mail this morning. Ohh ain't it the Cuuuuutest!

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