Monday, 4 February 2008

Work like a Rockstar

This year is the year of the ROCK STAR! I've decided that I'm gonna change my style again (not like I don't do that on a daily basis). I'm en route towards becoming a skinny hoe and party like a rock star!


Lately I've been feeling nothing. Particularly empty. Not happy. Not sad. Not attempting to feeling happy. Not open to feeling sad. Maybe though, I have been feeling angsty. So don't try berating me or I'm gonna snap at you and it's not gonna be pretty.

I had a conversation with a friend.

Me: "I used to be quite cold towards everything, only focusing on myself and my work. But now, I've become an emotional wreck. I don't know how to deter back to my old goals."
VA: "Looks like someone fell in love."
Me: "Yeah..."
VA: "All I'm going to say is leaders must lead. You're only lost because you're not meant to follow."

Don't know if that is a compliment or not, but thanks VA! You woke me up!


Sorry girls, not going back in March for my hollys. Now the pressure is on! My parents are like stressing me out about doing well for third year. I think I'm gonna die! Gonna bust my butt....

Love year all!

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