Tuesday, 26 February 2008

pendants and chains

So some of you are wondering...what exactly do I make during my work?

This is a sample that I knicked for a day from my work place. Sold one already a day after I made it and this is actually an order that was placed by another customer.

It's not my particular favourite but  some ladies love it. =D Just experimenting with technicality and creativity. 

Cost to make it: Free beads from customers, Pendant (2.50GBP), chain (2GBP) . Retail price????? Ohhohohohoho 45GBP. Meh. Dont get commission but at least i get my pay raise. >__<

Show you more when I can! =P
And this is me. With my new bags and once-pink-now-dark-blonde highlights!

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