Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Failure brings about Success

Been working at the old Jewellery place...
and withstanding the crazy antics of my boss.

I don't know why... but suddenly,
my jewellery skills and creativity has reached new levels!

The first necklace I made of late, sold the following day.
The second as well and the third in the week.
The fourth one also sold the following day of its creation.

And the profits I'm making for her...ARE UP THE ROOF. 
One as much as 800% of the original price.

One question:
I love what I'm making...
but... it's been sold under her name!!
It makes me frustrated...

I did ask for a pay raise...
and my explanation being: "I'm using my designs."
Her answer being: "Yeah but they are my stones."
In my head I'm like..."Look biatch! I could get 'em stones too!"

Unfortunately, though I would like my own clientele...
Everytime she sells those necklaces... I'm not there!!

The next time I'm there and the client buys from me,
I'm gonna take her as my own!

GOAL: To be featured in VOGUE UK.
I really wanna be able to have enough publicity to start my own line.


Thanks for telling me that I'm talented and you really like both my jewellery and graphic design work.
Your encouragement is really motivating!! And you mi'lady are talented in all the things I wish I could be!!
We are gonna ROCK the fashion world!!! So if you get there before me, don't forget the little people! =P
Love yer! xoxo


London is cold as hell. Shaking like a leaf.... all the time!!!!!
I miss Singapore... the warmth, the closure.
Feel like an open book now.
So many problems, so many things to deal with, just one person.
I miss people, I miss the touch of familiarity. 
At the end of the day, I am alone. Everything else is just a facade.
I don't go out. I don't party. That Sarah has disappeared.
But maybe that's what I want it to be like. The wall is forming.
Feeling vulnerable but the wall is beginning to build itself up again.
Confidence on the outside hides insecurities on the inside.
I can't see my future so I can only live one day at a time.

It is hard to be so far away from home........ from people I love.

But like my mum said to me: "Be strong. 
No matter what is thrown at you, smile and say thank you."

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