Thursday, 7 February 2008

Happy Thursday!

The tutorial which I have been working my ass off has finished. Although the final portfolio hand-in is next Tuesday, Im taking a few hours off to finally have photos to upload on this blog....

Anyways... how do I relax...? Some people have alcohol, I have shopping! It's CNY for Gawd's sake! 

Featured in the March issue of Vogue UK, I immediately went to John Lewis to purchase the newest Chloe parfum! To my surprise, it's only available on 1st of March, but what luck, the first batch was exclusively sold at Harrods! So I went over to South Kensington and bought the parfum as well as shower gel! Ohhh lush, this is the best fragrance I have ever had. I definitely recommended it especially for Spring! I also got Bobbi Brown eye cream, Mac eyeliner and concealer, considering how my lack of sleep has caused my eyes to swell and darken, I soooo needed something to make me look semi-alive again!
So in order to do more research on packaging, I went looking for French designed products. 

First stop, Laduree which is famous for their sweets, especially the lush macaroons. When I saw this, I had to buy it... It was a Valentine's Day Special and although I absolutely HATE Valentine's Day, it twas too cute to pass up. Haven't touched the chocolates at all though... =P 

Next stop, the ever chic and luxurious Fornum and Mason, which sells the most expensive teas, chocolates, housewhole items... bought a beautiful tin of tea. Also a cute package of jellybeans! The jellybeans are for one of my projects, don't really intend on eating them. Not a fan of 'em beans


So let me introduce you to one of my projects, this is for the D&AD Ted Baker brief of re-designing their packaging. I made a female version and a male version. This "paperbag" doubles up as a reusable folder which you can use on a normal day. Nice patterns huh? Imagine how long it took me to do them!!

The carrying style varies as well. It's either off-shoulder or could be slung as a messenger. I love it so much gonna use it for myself after the hand in!

So anyways, Finally decided to cam-whore after so bloody long! Yesh, my shiny forehead is saying: HI!

Hugs&kisses everyone!!!!!

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timsiu said...

Great Solution for your final Ted Baker Packaging project Sarah.
Ive just been landed this revised brief for my BTEC Nash certificate course and am at the research process.
What was your final grade for this? Was it just the bags you catered for?
Good finding you in this blog. hope to hear from you soon.