Thursday, 17 January 2008

Walk in Her Shoes

As you have noticed, I have deleted all my blog entries.
Semi-new entry for a semi-new start...

What do you do when your heart is cringing in absolute pain, and you want to scream but ... there isn't exactly a beach or anywhere... with alot of space to do that at...????

You buy a f*cking expensive See by Chloe top you've been eyeing for months and is on sale.

Buy a new pair of black French Soles ballet flats to replace the ones that you're mum threw away after your whole family comments that you're a hobo cause the shoe has a hole. (I had sentimental attachment to that pair of shoes, I'm totally distressed by its death.... hmm then again...okay maybe not.=D)

You buy season 7 & 8 of Will & Grace. Watch episodes of the empowering Cashmere Mafia, Inspirational Project Runway Canada and occasionally totally no-brainers like Family Guy. Ooooo... I do suggest investing in the DVD collection of the 1st season of Secret Diary of  A Call Girl : Belle Du Jour for all you horny people out there. Trust me... it's porn for the pretentiously shy!

And then ... You make expensive phone calls to your good friends back home, and make your mum call you like everyday...  just to hear her semi-harsh words of wisdom and comfort. You make Easter holiday plans... like going snowboarding with the housemates in France and  going touring around Italy with your mum.

Oh most importantly, you lose 2 kg in 1/2 the week's wake of your "sudden death". It's amazing when your heart is low on fuel, but your stomach becomes f*cking full of gas... You're so bloated, you already full before dinner time!! That does explain the excessive farting... thank gawd over the years, I've learnt the art of methane combustion control. Always under the covers ladies and gents, not in public... No one needs to hear your ass cough! ;P

I'm in anticipation for when my dad comes over to London with my new iMac!!!! Muahaha... Hey! I'm paying for it... with my salary... Nothing is free... At least anything that is seemingly responsible.

For all of those who expected me to write a miserable boohoo blog about how sad my life is, expecting me to cry, turn into an alcoholic, party excessively, and become a useless ass, sorry to disappoint you, I don't do that. 

That wouldn't be very ELITIST of me. =D

Later people... hugs & rainy day kisses.

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