Tuesday, 29 January 2008


Kevin told me a story today about his role model:

A boy lost his father when he was very young,
his mother was uneducated, thus the family poor.
The boy had to stop school.
He took up odd jobs, one of those being a cleaner.
He went into the army and saved up whatever money he could.
After which, he managed to get a job at a printing company,
in the meantime taught himself Multimedia/Graphic design.
Not long after, he attained the position of Junior Designer.
He got married.
The pay was low and life was not easy.

His wife left him for another man.

This would change his life forever.
He worked really hard, worked on his health.
Soon enough, he was a Creative Director, perfectly fit and good-looking,
drove a sports car, lived in a beautiful apartment and had a Korean girlfriend.
By the age of 35, he had everything most people would never achieve in a lifetime.

The most admirable... is that he started with absolutely nothing.

Unfortunately,he was diagnosed with a fatal disease.
He cut off all connections to the outside world, only having his girlfriend
who refused to leave his side, no matter how he tried to push her away.
He wanted people to always remember him as the guy who started from nothing
and gained everything.

A modern time hero.

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