Monday, 12 January 2009

Pretty Moss



Moss Terrariums seem to be the latest thing. It, I think, is about growing moss or other small little plants in a jar, only watering them every 2-3 weeks and just letting them grow on their own. They look pretty in this photo, then again, the only impression I have of moss is that eeky/yet surprisingly fluffy thing that grows on the insides of my neighbor's coil fish pond. Oh well, I doubt I'd be trying to make one myself... Don't have a green thumb.

Anyways they are available here on Etsy


Anonymous said...

what cute little green bobs of mush, it seems fun tho.

Sarah Von said...

Those really are too cute! So lovely and soft, much more friendly than flowers I suspect.

Sarah said...

haha! Now that you've mentioned it Sarah, I'm agreeing with you. =D