Friday, 31 October 2008

Playing Dress Up

Here I am sitting at home on my computer on Halloween night. Initially I felt kinda sad that I have to stay home and move the rest of my stuff to the spare rooms (my parent's ex-study room and the guest room), but fortunately, Aisyah and Gif are coming over to keep me company... well more like hang out and avoid the hustle and bustle of the clubbing crowd. I hate crowds big time! =( I know some people are thinking why would I enjoy hanging out with a couple but I am totally cool with them cause they're cool enough to not make out in front of me. hah!

So anyways just clearing my desktop and realised I never really did go through all the photos I did for the last photoshoot in London, so just wanted to share a few of them with you all since today's theme is all about Dressing Up!

I really should have brought this pirate's hat back with me but I thought it took up too much space in my already overload of luggages *think 5 baggages* Available at the Kids section at John Lewis!

My model Elisa is one of the sweetest girls ever despite her cool exterior.

Perfect smile.

Sold the tutu skirt on Sad... It was sooo pretty!

Wedding photo much?! Like my bracelets? =)

That's my chubby arm and hand. Ugh.

I love this pic! So unfortunate that the background sucked. Ballerinas have SUCH NICE LEGS!

Credit goes to big brother Kevin Yeo

Here's a photo I took of my boyfriend, just trying to show him an example of what sort of look I was looking for. If you're wondering what race he is, he's usually labelled under others. 1/4 English 1/4 Singhalese 1/2 Jewish (two different Middle Eastern countries which I can never remember) Currently he's at work at the Halloween party at Zouk. Helped out alot with his costume which I will gladly post pics of when I get them. =)

Tomorrow is so exciting:

On Pedder Sale (hopefully I can find nice acessories. I'm more pysched about that than shoes, although I need new shoes. NEED.)
Heading down to Bianca Preview+cakes and tea with Melly and Larissa?
Best part... Mum's coming back from France with a gift from LV! Wheee... Don't get me wrong. I'm very happy that she's back, cause then I have someone to have healthy yelling competitions with, plus gossip of course.


Mimi said...

Gosh so awesome pics!The ballerina ones are very pretty.Love the bracelets.

Linnéa said...

lovely photos <3

Anonymous said...

I see you've done wondrous things with Poladroid, i am enjoying your new header very much. I cannot believe that some of those photos are you, so different :]

And i had a good time today, if only the weather was cooler, i think i'd be alot chirpier.

Sarah said...

Melly: I know right? Time to lose the weight and go back to the old me. The healthier me. That means NO DESSERT.... Yearh right?! ahahaha

Anonymous said...

We all get chubbier, if you see my photos when i was in poly, wahlau, i was a stick compared to the flubber now. But i don't care! If i don't eat i might as well die.

clareassiral said...

wow i really love the photos, they look so professionally styled and photographed!